MY NAME ISN’T CHARLIE, a coming-of-age Black and queer in the modern South memoir

I first ideated sharing my complex, poignant (and sometimes hilarious) stories when I was only a junior in high school the fall of 2013. While applying to colleges, I quickly realized that the Common Application’s 750-word limit wasn’t a sufficient allotment to write my personal statement.

750 words couldn’t even begin to explain what it’s like to have been raised in the South as I explored my intersectional identity as queer and Black. I knew that if I were to write a story with unflinching authenticity, I would need more time and space, so I got to work and developed what would become my first draft manuscript of my memoir and have been working on improving it ever since.

In October 2020 and after 75 rejections from other literary agents, I was linked to an incredible literary agent, Moe Ferrara at Bookends Literary Agency, and we’re working together to improve the writing and put this project out into the world.


If you’d like to work together to create a final book that’ll inspire many queer youth to step outside of their thoughts of suicide and into a life that they’re proud of, please consider teaming up with me in one of the following ways:

  1. Join my e-mailing list for updates on my writing journey
  2. Contact me at charles (at)
    • if you’re not a writer, but are interested in being a volunteer beta reader for the manuscript and providing feedback
    • if you are a writer and would like to form a critique circle where we can review each other’s pieces
    • if you’re a part of a social group or organization that would like to host me for a talk either now or when my book will be published