Charles delivers White House Frontier’s Conference plenary speech

The White House Frontiers Conference
The White House Frontiers Conference brought together some of the world’s leading innovators in Pittsburgh to discuss how investing in science and technology frontiers will help improve lives, including progress and investments that are keeping America and Americans on the cutting edge of innovation. Charles addressed the audience about how investing specifically in today’s youth in areas of STEM and leadership can be the best decision we make for addressing America’s challenges with climate change. 》October 12, 2016 》Complete Story

“The 20-year-old leader of Greening Forward, Charles Orgbon III, urged the audience to “think differently about your role with young people. You’re not just a teacher of young people. To create that transformative change, we’re gonna need a lot of things and one of those things is your role as a mentor,” writes  NEXTpittsburgh. 》October 14, 2016 》Complete Story

The Tartan
“The youngest speaker of the event, Charles Orgbon III, encouraged adults to have the enthusiasm they felt as children. The engaging millennial spoke of the organization he founded in fifth grade, Greening Forward, through which he promotes improving environmental policy,” writes Carnegie Mellon’s Student Newspaper. 》October 16, 2016 》Complete Story